UK-based small and medium-seized enterprises have an old-fashioned view of IT security which is creating a threat to their business, a new survey suggests. Research conducted by Network Box, a managed security company, shows that 62 per cent of SMEs have no system in place to protect against phishing (fraudulent attempts to "fish" for users' financial information and passwords).Moreover, the research also found that 99 per cent of respondents are unaware how often their anti-virus protection is updated, 38 per cent do not have any protection against spyware at all, and 99 per cent have no system in place to alert them if their the update system fails. Network Box managing director, Simon Heron, said: "We do appreciate that SMEs have far fewer resources and expertise than large enterprises, which are far better equipped to deal with IT security. "Unfortunately, we suspect that some SMEs are living in a time warp and pretending that either these threats do not exist, or that they will not become a victim."The results of the survey also show that 30 per cent of small and medium-sized firms have no anti-spam solution in place, increasing the risk of junk emails. © Adfero Ltd