SMEs are frustrated by the lack of information that is delivered by their current telephone systems, says a new report.Swyx, a leading provider of IP telecommunication solutions, questioned 120 SMEs to find out what were the most infuriating aspects of their current telephone systems.Nearly a third (31 per cent) said that not being able to know the identity of a caller before answering the phone annoyed them. Have to physically dial a number proved to be an annoyance for 29 per cent of those questioned.Having to look up numbers before being able to make a call annoyed a further 25 per cent and six per cent were frustrated by misdialling."What the findings show is that SMEs are not entirely happy with what they have and perhaps are becoming more savvy about what they could get out of their phone systems," said Swyx's chief executive, Guenter Junk."Of the areas which caused greatest frustration the main cause seems to be based on a lack of access to information, whether it is on receiving or making a call."One way SMEs could improve the information available to them would be to use a VoIP telephone system. In a separate survey, Swyx found that nearly a quarter (24 per cent) of SMEs were attracted to the increased functionality of VoIP communication systems. Mr Junk reiterated the benefit of IP-based systems, saying that that they "offer the user easier access to information, whether it's dialling direct from Windows applications such as Outlook or enabling them to see details on who is calling them".© Adfero Ltd