By Maximilian Clarke

6 in 10 smaller enterprises are optimistic about 2012 and are planning for growth, with half of respondents to a recent survey intending to boost headcount.

The survey, carried out by Iconnyx and conducted during a Microsoft Cloud 365 event, suggested that cloud technologies were behind many businesses’ growth plans.

“What we have found from the survey results, and our own customers, is that SMBs are increasingly turning to cloud-based technologies to de-risk their plans for growth,” commented Tim Walker, Iconnyx Managing Director. “The beauty of the cloud is that it provides SMBs with the agility and flexibility to respond to changing market conditions without the burden of large capital expenditure, something that resonates with SMBs during this period of economic uncertainty.”

Support from technology, Cloud in particular, has attributed to SMBs optimism with many realising that cloud technologies are flexible and scalable with low capital expenditure, enabling low risk growth and expansion in 2012. However, the results from this survey show that SMBs need to rethink their attitude towards outsourcing with 53 per cent confirming that they have an independent policy towards outsourcing that does not respond or reflect business conditions.

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