The owners and managers of small firms in the UK are not taking full advantage of the networking opportunities available online and offline, according to a new study.Research from Barclays found that today's SME leaders do not want to mix business and pleasure, with 61 per cent saying their preferred means of building contacts and encouraging new business was company presentations or formal meetings.Despite the growing importance of online networking websites like MySpace and Facebook, the small business community appears to be unconvinced of the importance and opportunities this could create for them.Just eight per cent of the managers surveyed said they were involved with online social networking, although much of the reluctance seemed to centre on sites being tailored to social rather than business interactions."The entrepreneurial spirit is at an all time high in the UK thanks to the profile of successful self-made celebrity millionaires like Sir Alan Sugar and the BBC’s ‘Dragons’ and over 100,000 new businesses are formed every quarter across the UK," said John Davis from Barclays Local Business."But the new world of the internet is still to catch on, especially for networking, as entrepreneurs would rather go to a formal networking event rather than make contact with people online," he added.© Adfero Ltd