By Jamie Stewart, Managing Director UK & Ireland, Exact Software

Globalisation has redefined modern economics, offering unprecedented opportunity for growth. But whether a global organisation headquartered in the UK, or a small-to-mid-sized subsidiary of an international company, globalisation comes with its own issues that must be dealt with. Whether non-standardised business systems, disparate integration efforts, or repeated start-up and implementation costs, everything must be accounted for.

The objective is simple. Business headquarters must be in direct contact at all times with their satellite offices. Disparate teams need to be able to function and collaborate in a seamless way — as if they are in the same room. Otherwise, as soon as one function fails, the entire business can come tumbling down like a house of cards.

Within an organisation, each business function helps to feed the whole. From marketing and sales, through to finance and HR, every single individual department must pull in the same direction and toward the same goals. With globalisation presenting exciting opportunities for organisations both big and small, it is essential that central headquarters and its subsidiaries all sing from the same song sheet, as the business expands en masse.

With business software designed to grow with your business, expansion never needs to come at the expense of visibility. By preparing for development with a considered choice of business software, all necessary localisations, including language and legislation compliances, need never be an issue. Business intelligence software ensures complete transparency by enabling an integrated implementation of a company’s core technology linking headquarters and subsidiary offices together seamlessly.

It is possible that these foundations can also be the catalyst for further growth. By increasing the quality of information and overall efficiencies throughout an organisation, a lower cost of ownership and far more effective deployment of resources will ensue. Comprehensive integration of business processes on this scale promises real transparency, shorter communication lines, greater flexibility and quicker responses.

And with one transparent, integrated implementation of core business technology linking the company’s headquarters and satellite offices as one, an effective business intelligence software platform can ensure transparency, cost efficiencies and sustainable growth. With the goal of every organisation being to support its customers, no matter where they are in the world, with a seamless, responsive and efficient global operation, there really is no excuse for failing to address all business-critical processes with a unified business intelligence software solution.

Exact are one of the leading providers of scalable solutions which cover all key business processes, allowing your people to share information and collaborate in real-time on a single platform. As well as helping organisations grow, Exact's solutions consolidate the processes of companies conducting business internationally.

Business on an international scale heightens the need for precise reporting and visibility; Exact offer a solution that is dedicated to giving a company's HQ total clarity on the entire business, from foreign subsidiaries to localised trading silos. With many businesses still performing a lot of tasks manually, or utilising IT systems that don't work together this provides complete process visibility and helps ensure employees work together to add value to the business.


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