By Claire West

The annual celebration of gadgetry ends today in Las Vegas, Nevada when the International Consumer Electronics Show 2010 closes its doors.

The consumer electronics (CE) industry will generate more than $165 billion in U.S. shipment revenues this year, a slight increase from 2009, according to the semi-annual industry forecast released by the Consumer Electronics Association.

Smart phones and Netbooks are expected to be the main winners according to Steve Koenig, CEA's director of industry analysis. “With more consumers seeking content anywhere, anytime, the demand for products facilitating these experiences will drive purchases going forward.”
The new ‘elephant’ in the CES hardware room is Google which launched Nexus One - the much-anticipated phone runs on Google's own android operating system and is set to become a serious threat to Apple’s iPhone.
Tablet computers were making a lot of noise at this year’s event and none more than Apple’s not yet launched iTablet, or iSlate — which according to rumours will be launched on 27th January in San Francisco.
According to online intelligence firm, Hitwise, the volume of searches for a portfolio of Apple Tablet related terms increased 8x in the run up to CES.
These searches were also fuelled by the fact that a week before the show it was discovered that Apple owned the domain name
According to Reuters Apple’s suppliers have already begun shipping the touch screen panels and will start delivering aluminium casings next month ahead of a second quarter launch.