A new online communications system has been launched that is designed to help SMEs communicate more efficiently.British Telecom (BT) has said that its 'Workspace' project will allow people within a small business to share information and manage projects more effectively.If SMEs use the product, which is priced at £7.50 (excluding VAT) per month for each full 100MB workspace, customers, co-workers and partners can access documents or project updates without having to constantly contact a project manager.The company say that their new product will make small companies more efficient as it will reduce the number of email communications about any particular project. It will also reduce the problems associated with multiple copies of documents cluttering a company. The new system will allow company-wide information, like accounts, sales opportunities and contracts, to be stored in one easily accessible place. All the data will also be saved daily so there are no risks if the system crashes. Bill Murphy, the managing director of BT Business, explained how the service could help SMEs, saying: "BT Workspace is a simple, powerful and inexpensive tool that enables small businesses to improve their customer relationships."It's fantastic if you've got projects that are managed via email and as a result nobody has control of all the tasks, milestones and documents, or if you've got a million different assignments coming at you from all directions and want a single, consolidated view across all projects."© Adfero Ltd