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Strong demand for London's tech graduates means that the capital is losing nearly a third of its brightest talent to other technology hubs, according to LinkedIn.

Despite 71% of London’s technology students remaining in the city after graduating, an increasingly international battle for tech talent has seen almost a third leave to pursue opportunities elsewhere in the UK or abroad.

LinkedIn’s data shows that other European destinations (which included tech centres such as Berlin and Stockholm) are benefiting from graduates from the capital. Most of the other international destinations for graduates were in either Asia or North America.

Software development tops the list for graduate jobs, with other industries such as professional services, government, financial services and retail following close behind.

The findings come as the UK’s tech sector shows no sign of decline. Additional analysis has shown that the increase in the number of LinkedIn members in the UK who indicated that they worked in the software industry rose by almost 15% between March 2015 and March this year, with product managers, programme and project managers, and consultants amongst the top five fastest-growing job functions.

Joshua Graff, UK country manager for LinkedIn, said: ‘‘London’s tech graduates are some of the most sought after in the world, so it comes as no surprise that in an exciting, growing sector nearly a third are taking advantage of employment opportunities elsewhere. With the sector going from strength to strength, it is vital that London does all it can to hold onto these graduates, as they will play an important role in securing its continued growth in the future.’’