By Claire West

Despite the brilliance of the opening ceremony and the heroics of our athletes the organisers of London 2012 have once again failed at bringing the Olympics anywhere close to the digital age.

First of all anyone who has tried to buy tickets on their website knows that it is worse than trying to buy a cheap holiday via ‘dial-up’ in circa 1998. An appalling experience for the user from start to finish.

Then when it became evident that there were lots of empty seats at events an innovative entrepreneur Adam Naisbitt set up an alert system on Twitter that sent a Tweet to followers telling them when LOCOG had released tickets.

The system worked so well that even LOCOG staff were directing people to the site.

Then guess what the server for has been changed to prevent connections from people not using web-browsers therefore effectively blocking the Twitter Alert.

This change was made yesterday afternoon as a direct response to @2012ticketalert

Mr Naisbitt set this up with no commercial angle: “This is purely something we thought was a cool idea and could make a difference to people who were struggling with the official website”.

As yet LOCOG have not responded or given a clue as to why they might have done this