By Max Clarke

Second quarter post tax profits at Chinese PC manufacturer Lenovo almost doubled to $108.8 million, compared to the same period 2010.

The leap in profits comes from a more moderate 14.9% growth in sales, reflecting successful growth in the more lucrative overseas market.

Mature markets- notably North America and Europe accounted for more than a third of total sales, yet delivered two thirds of total profit.

PC sales across the world continue to grow, though Europe’s debt crisis and the ongoing global recovery are dampening sales, Lenovo assert. This is in contrast to research from Gartner suggesting declining PC sales were being driven by the success of tablet devices, notably Apple’s iPad.

The group’s board of directors hinted that they are preparing for the release of their own tablet on the international market. Following positive feed back on the release of LePad in March.

Emerging markets accounted for 1/6th of total sales, though this figure had surged ahead by 50% year-on-year, representing a significant growth market.

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