By Claire West

The latest development in portable speaker sound technology — the “K-box”, is the ideal solution for both presentations and boardroom telephone conferences, claims online social media and music entrepreneur, Kerchoonz.

No bigger than an iphone, the K-box works by simply plugging the small box into a laptop, ipod or mobile phone device. Place it on a desktop or table — even a wall and using its unique patented gel audio technology, it will amplify the entire surface underneath it into a audio speaker.

“Many businesses don’t have the financial capacity to afford expensive in-house conference facilities or sound systems”, says Indiana Gregg, one of the founders of “The portable nature of the K-box means that presentations with sound can be amplified very easily, ideal for sales professionals or when making a pitch. Similarly, with landline and mobile phone speakers being barely adequate at best, the device enables conference calls to be undertaken easily and effectively.”

The K-box has a rubber base, meaning there are no marks, scuffs or scrapes left on furniture.

“At a special launch price of under £50, the device is ideal for businesses needing to make the most of their budget”, says Indiana. “With an average output performance of 95dB at 1m, and the bass performance averaging at around 40-20 Khz, dependent on the surface, it’s pretty impressive”.

The K-box has an average battery life of 20 hours and is rechargeable via USB.

Availability of the K-box has been restricted solely to, at a retail price of only £44.99 plus £5 post and packing.