By Ben Simmons

With Jabra joining the Microsoft Lync Hosted Pack Reference Architecture Partner Ecosystem, customers are now offered the same Jabra sound quality they are accustomed to with Microsoft ’s cloud based Lync solution.

Jabra, global headset and speakerphone manufacturers, today announced its membership of the Microsoft LyncTM Hosted Pack Reference Architecture Partner Ecosystem.

Jabra has a rich history in providing audio solutions for Microsoft Lync. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner since 2007, Jabra launched its first optimised headset devices for Microsoft Office Communicator that same year. Jabra’s membership in the Microsoft Lync Hosted Pack Reference Architecture Partner Ecosystem demonstrates Jabra’s commitment to respond to the growing demand for Unified Communications (UC) solutions and deployment models.

Since 2010 Microsoft Lync has provided communication and collaboration in a single interface uniting voice, IM, audio-, video-, and web-conferencing offering a rich, context-based solution in a single identity, making it easy and efficient for users to find contacts, check their availability and connect with them.

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Multitenant Pack for Partner Hosting is a UC hosting solution for telecom and hosting providers. It delivers a foundation for service providers to add an economical UC service to their existing portfolio, and at the same time allowing them to configure their service and build upon it in their own unique ways to add value to and differentiate their solutions.

Cloud Based Communications
“Jabra has been monitoring the shift to cloud based computing and the efficiencies that hosted deployment model represents for customers. We believe that the trend toward cloud based solutions will only continue to grow in the years to come” says Holger Reisinger, Jabra Vice President of Marketing, Products and Alliances. Jabra is uniquely positioned to lead the adoption of cloud based Lync solutions delivery. Jabra offers a broad portfolio of optimised wireless and corded headset solutions. This broad portfolio allows the telecom solution provider or hosting provider the ability to tailor solutions specific to the models and characteristics of the individual subscriber.

Devices Make Experiences
Delivering excellent audio quality is paramount in a hosted service delivery model. ”The ‘last three feet’ between the computer hardware and users, bridged by headsets or speakerphones, is the single most important factor for successful deployment and adoption of the technology and completes the UC experience” said Holger Reisinger. The optimised audio device guarantees the unique sound experience that supports the end-users work habits and environment.
“We are pleased to have Jabra as part of the Microsoft Lync Hosted Pack Reference Architecture Partner Ecosystem,” says Warren Barkley, General Manager for Lync at Microsoft Corp. “Jabra’s long history in UC and its knowledge about audio perfection and innovative design will add value to the end-user experience for Lync customers.”

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