IT issues and server downtime are the biggest annoyance among UK workers, a new survey has revealed.According to research by Richmond Systems, just under a third of workers are regularly infuriated by technical problems with IT at work, ranking ahead of poor restaurant service that grates on 20 per cent of Brits."IT problems still seem to be the bane of everyday life and companies should be doing more to rectify this," said Eric Wright, managing director at Richmond Systems."If the technology fails, you have little choice but to sit around and wait for it to be fixed. This can be frustrating and costly, especially when under pressure from work deadlines," he added.A separate survey by Richmond Systems found the problem to be so infuriating to staff that almost three-quarters (70 per cent) of workers try to fix computer problems themselves rather than waiting for help from the IT department."We are still seeing a gap between IT service level agreements and employee satisfaction that needs to be bridged," concluded Mr Wright.© Adfero Ltd