The vast majority of small firms in the UK are seeing considerable benefits from their IT investments, a new study shows.The Cisco-commissioned business confidence survey from Accelerator found that 93 per cent of small businesses had seen returns from an IT investment with around half of that group expecting further benefits as well, reports BIOS.Furthermore, 62 per cent said their employees were working together better as the result of setting up a network, while 39 per cent said IT changes were helping staff complete their work."For too long, small businesses have not been able to realise the full benefits that technology can provide, as all too often they have had enterprise-scale solutions imposed on them," said Bernadette Wightman, SMB director of Cisco UK & Ireland, reports BIOS."With SMBs now able to deploy tailor-made technology for their businesses, they are reaping the benefits of efficiency and improved customer service, while being able to compete with larger organisations."The one area the businesses highlighted as needing more work was IT security, with 53 per cent saying they have basic safeguards but should be doing more.© Adfero Ltd