By Max Clarke

Sales of Motorola’s powerful ‘iPad Killer’ Xoom tablet computer have reached just 100,000 units, analysts at Deutsche Bank have revealed.

Despite having won the coveted ‘Best in Show’ accolade at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Fair in Las Vegas, the Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet with powerful dual-core processors has failed to even make an impression on the million iPad 2s Apple shifted in its debut weekend.

Xoom has been criticised for its ‘obese’ frame compared to the paper thin Apple, and the device is also more expensive, despite recent price reductions.

"It depends on if you're an Apple fan or not,” blogged tech analyst Peter Smith. “... few brands have the kind of loyal followers that Apple has. ... So maybe Motorola just has the odds stacked against it. ... Or maybe ... Android tablets are just too darned expensive."