By Daniel Hunter

Ireland based Intact Software has announced the appointment of a new South African based partner as part of the company’s global expansion plans. Headquartered in Johannesburg, this new partner will focus solely on the sales, service and support of Intact iQ within the African market.

The company will trade as Intact Software Africa Distribution and has a skilled and highly experienced management team who will ensure that the best market entry strategy is applied, excellent sales and implementation standards are enforced and a guaranteed high level of client support is ensured.

Intact Software Africa Distribution is led by Larry Galtrey and Karl Wagner, who have extensive industry experience in sales, support, implementation and advanced software development across multiple vertical sectors. The company will be dedicated solely to the introduction, support and continued advancement of Intact iQ within the African market. The team intends to focus on the South African market initially before implementing a systematic and sustainable role out across further regions of Africa. Both Galtrey and Wagner expect that with the introduction of Intact iQ and the demand and interest it is generating, the company will be well positioned to generate substantial opportunities and employment in South Africa to support the expected growth within the next 12-24 months.

Larry Galtrey, CTO, Intact Software Africa Distribution commented: “I have been exposed for many years to a multitude of expensive and rigid software solutions whilst at the same time being repeatedly advised of their flexibility and suitability. Intact iQ is the first ERP solution that I have ever been introduced to that can actually offer a level of functionality, flexibility and extreme modifiability. It is not only extremely simple for all users, implementers and consultants but is also positioned at a price point that makes it one of the most competitive ERP solutions for SMEs. We do not see making the decision to commit to and start a company to focus solely on Intact iQ as a risk. With the extreme level of attention the product is attracting in South Africa, we see it as an unmissable opportunity to be responsible for Intact iQ’s introduction to Africa.”

“We are very excited by the prospect of entering the African market. Intact iQ is proving popular with customers and partners all over the world and we hope this international appeal will continue to grow,” said Paul Marry, CEO and co-founder of Intact Software.

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