By Maximilian Clarke

China’s telecoms giant, Huawei, has become the latest member of the Cloud Security Alliance to help ensure ‘cloud services [users] can have confidence in the security of their information.’

As a leading provider of cloud computing solutions to both operators and business enterprises, Huawei will work with the CSA and its members to advance their innovative efforts, such as the Trusted Cloud Initiative, to ensure that users of cloud services can have confidence in the security of their information.

Huawei's CSA membership is part of the company's commitment to developing more open, cooperative and secure communications ecosystems — linking operators to enterprises to consumers. The resulting vertically integrated, hyper-connected communications landscape will allow businesses to reap the benefits of cloud computing with secure solutions that make communication and collaboration more efficient.

"Through our work with the largest global telecommunications operators, Huawei has developed extensive experience on security of information and control and we look forward to working with the Cloud Security Alliance to share that expertise to the betterment of the cloud computing industry", said John Suffolk,Chief Security Officer (CSO) of Huawei.

"We are pleased to have Huawei join the group of industry leaders that comprises the CSA," said Jim Reavis, co-founder and Executive Director of the CSA. "As a trusted partner to most of the world's top network operators, we welcome their expertise and contributions to our ongoing research and education initiatives that continue to improve the security of cloud computing."

As part of its commitment to cyber security, Huawei established the Cyber Security Evaluation Centre in the UK to allow for independent verification and certification of its products. This centre allows for complete evaluation of Huawei products' security and encompasses source code review, hardware design review and inspection of the complete supply chain, resulting in assurance to customers that their network security is protected. This attention to detail and customer focus is one reason why Huawei serves 45 of the top 50 global telecommunications operators.

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