By Maximilian Clarke

HTC Corp have emerged as the number one smartphone manufacturer in the US market, with Samsung named as the world’s biggest seller, research from Canalys shows.

The findings come at a time of rapid growth in the smartphone market, which has leaped 49% in a year. Apple, which recently unveiled the fastest selling smartphone in history- the 4S- lost its crown in the US, finishing third behind its Asian competitors.

In the United States, the world’s largest smart phone market, HTC shone in Q3 2011, edging out Apple and Samsung to become the leading vendor. HTC shipped 5.7 million smart phones in the US under its own brand, giving it almost a quarter of the market, as well as an estimated 70,000 units under the T-Mobile brand.

“However you count it, HTC has become a deserved leader in the US smart phone market,” said the US-based Canalys’ Vice President and Principal Analyst, Chris Jones. “This is an awesome achievement for HTC, which has built a premium brand in a highly competitive market in just a few short years. It now has a strong range of 4G Android products, with devices ranged by each of the major carriers, and offers some of the most compelling and differentiated products found on the platform today.”

Samsung pushed Apple into third place in the US market, with shipments of its own-brand devices reaching 4.9 million units. Apple’s US smart phone shipments totalled 4.6 million in the quarter and it was affected around the world by consumers waiting for the launch of the next-generation iPhone.

Research in Motion (RIM), the Canadian parent company behind BlackBerry, saw sales drop by a staggering 58% in a year as the smartphone closely associated with business claimed under 10% of the market for the first time. This is only true of the lucrative US market, as RIM is continuing to see growth in the EMEA region.

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