By Max Clarke

Leo Apotheker, the newly appointed HP chief executive, last night announced the extension of its cloud computing connectivity to small businesses in what has been described as a bid to compete with expanding cloud computing services from Amazon and Microsoft.

Commenting on the news is Charlie Cowan, CEO of cloud service provider Keboko, who welcomed the news:
"HP's decision to extend its cloud services offering is great news for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). All too often, cloud vendors focus on developing services for the enterprise, when actually it is small firms that have the most to gain from this technology. The cloud offers small businesses a level playing field with the enterprise, giving them access to bespoke applications that previously would have been out of reach. And due to their size, it’s much easier for SMEs to move to the cloud.

"Cloud computing has a lot to offer small businesses, from generating cost efficiencies, to boosting productivity, enabling remote working, and improving processes. However, moving to the cloud can be a confusing experience, even for those with a great understanding of IT. Often it makes sense for small businesses to call on a cloud service provider that can come in, listen to what they want to achieve by moving to the cloud and help turn that into reality. By tailoring applications to meet the needs of SMEs, and providing ongoing help and support, cloud service providers can ensure that small businesses get the most out of the cloud."