Hewlett-Packard (HP), one of the world's largest IT corporations, has unveiled at system specially designed to make storage and data back-up easy for SMEs.The new HP StorageWorks D2D Backup System is a disk-based backup and recovery system designed expressly for the needs of small businesses.It automates and centralises backup operations to provide reliable data protection for up to four servers in a single, secure, self-managing device. Recently, a survey by IDC found that more than 50 per cent of SMEs said that improving data availability and recovery was their main IT aim in the coming months. Equally, data protection and disaster recovery were two key areas the SMEs planned to spend on in the next five years."The HP StorageWorks D2D Backup virtually eliminates the main causes of failed backups and slow restores to help protect our customers’ most valuable asset – their data," explained said Bob Wilson of HP.One of the most attractive features of the new system for SMEs is its cost - nearly 50 per cent less expensive than competing systems.© Adfero Ltd