By Claire West

How do I get my business to the top of Google?

How do I get my business promoted on Radio 2 more like?
Today Anita Rani, standing in for Jeremy Vine, was joined by Kennie Young who runs a search engine optimisation business.
The discussion was about ‘How do I get my business to the top of Google’ — now I’m not saying that much of what Mr Young said was wrong except they kept referring to a mythical ‘hairdresser from Hull’ and not once did he mention Google Local Business Centre — the free way to get found online.
Quite simply the way for a ‘hairdresser in hull’ to appear on page 1 of Google is for them to add their business to the Google Local Business Directory by following this link
OK so now you know how to get your business to the top of Google — will someone tell me how you get your business featured on Radio 2?