By Maximilian Clarke

Google have announced 10 changes to their algorithm to ‘make search run so smoothly you don’t even notice the changes’, distinguished engineer, Matt Cutts has announced.

The Mountainview-tech and search giant purportedly makes up to 500 changes to their closely-guarded algorithm in a year.

Changes include: ‘better page titles in search results by de-duplicating boilerplate anchors’; and a focus on delivering ‘fresher’ results that ensure the most relevant and up to date information is prioritised.

Discussing the changes, Matt Cutts said: “If you’re a site owner, before you go wild tuning your anchor text or thinking about your web presence for Icelandic users, please remember that this is only a sampling of the hundreds of changes we make to our search algorithms in a given year, and even these changes may not work precisely as you’d imagine. We’ve decided to publish these descriptions in part because these specific changes are less susceptible to gaming.”

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