In an increasingly competitive global business environment organisations are being forced to pay close attention to innovation, a new report has revealed.According to Gartner, chief executives are now placing innovation at the top of their agenda but are faced with the problem of IT firms lacking the same visionary thinking techniques, while companies operating in emerging nations are innovating at a fast rate than ever before."In our increasingly customer-centric world we are moving away from the traditional view of innovation, as internally managed and R&D focused," said Sandy Shen, research director at Gartner."Innovation doesn't come from a laboratory. It comes from solving real life problems and responding to everyday needs regardless of how sophisticated the market might be, with the ultimate goal of enriching people's lives," she added.According to the authors of the report, developing nations are adopting innovation and technology faster than mature markets for a number of reasons.Firstly, emerging markets have fewer legacies thereby allowing them to commercialise technology faster. Secondly, there is more of a desire for products that can serve the local market better rather than the developed world. Finally, the report said that emerging countries have the ambition to lead the IT industry in the global market.© Adfero Ltd