Email marketing is easy to implement but difficult to "get right", it has been suggested.Ben Butler, content manager at the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), said it was vital for businesses to ensure that the content, text and layout of their emails were of an appropriate tone and engaging to customers.Making sure that emails are successfully delivered and read by consumers is an essential part of online marketing and, according to Mr Butler, there are a number of steps businesses can take to "boost open rates"."Ensuring your address lists are accurate, up-to-date and segregated into appropriate groups can have an immediate positive effect on open rates. There might be consumers who are sent an email every month, but who never receive it because of their spam filter settings," Mr Butler added.A recent report by Habeas found that although consumers were often happy to receive email marketing, 88 per cent of people would like to be given more choice over the content and frequency of what they receive.