By Maximilian Clarke

Google are stepping up efforts to get more girls into science and technology, and to eradicate modern day slavery, the company have announced.

Google, recognising the significant shortfall of girls in STEM subjects (science, technolohy, engineering and maths) and its damaging effects on equality and on the overall pace of technological development, have earmarked 16 education programmes in the US and UK, as well as in the developing world.

“By giving a girl an education, you not only improve her opportunities, but those of her whole family,” writes Shona Brown, SVP at on the company’s latest blog. “The African Leadership Academy provides merit scholarships to promising young women across the continent, and the Afghan Institute of Learning offers literacy classes to women and girls in rural Afghanistan. Groups like these will use our funds to educate more than 10,000 girls in developing countries.”

And in an unrelated, yet equally poignant gesture of philanthropy, Google are increasing their financial involvement in campaigns to end modern day slavery. Slavery, observes Shona, is a multi-billion dollar industry that ruins the lives of around 27 million people:

“So we're funding a number of groups that are working to tackle the problem.”

Groups include International Justice Mission (IJM), along with The BBC World Service Trust, Action Aid and Aide et Action, as well as the ‘powerful’ Slavery Footprint calculator.

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