By Claire West

Rishad Tobaccowala, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, VivaKi, says “Digital is like hydrochloric acid, it burns through everything”.

However the danger for those of us who live and breathe in a digital marketing environment is that we might incorrectly think everyone else is part of the same bubble and this is certainly not the case.

"Regardless of how fast digital marketing has grown lately, most people do not know about its benefits, " says Bijoy Samuel, Director of Business Development at OneIMS.

As we’ve recently witnessed with HMV and Comet even the ‘big dogs’ have failed to adapt to the changing buying habits of consumers and deliver successful online solutions.

The challenge for marketing professionals is that not only do they have to come to terms with modern technologies but they also need to have visibility on what’s coming over the hill.

Digital marketing is changing at a rapid pace and marketers will be faced with increasing levels of complexity, new marketing leaders will be expected to understand everything from mobile to social and back again.

Kyle Lacy from Exact Target said: “marketers need to continue taking risks and exploring new digital frontiers. Only through such exploration can brands fully understand whether the “next big thing” will be meaningful and embraced by their target consumers.”

There are lots of events out there that deal with different aspects of online and digital marketing but there is only one UK stand alone digital marketing event aimed purely at marketing professionals.

The Digital Marketing Show will be a one-stop shop for learning and sourcing all things digital and will have over 150 expert speakers and 100 exhibitors.