Most UK consumers say that they are frustrated by slow-loading websites - with many additionally claiming that they will turn to a competitor if they have to wait too long, the results of a new study suggest.Research by 1&1 Internet found that over 80 per cent of British consumers refuse to wait for more than a minute for their website to load - with more than 50 per cent saying that they would switch to a rival site after waiting just 30 seconds."Our research shows that with so many options available on the internet, consumers want information quickly," Andreas Gauger, chief executive officer of 1&1 Internet, commented. "If a website fails to perform to their expectations it is quickly dismissed for another."Slow websites can be a major cause of stress for those who use them, and our research shows that consumers acknowledge that website owners are responsible for these frustrations."Around 25 per cent of Brits will switch websites after being forced to wait for only ten seconds, the study also showed - and over 66 per cent say that they would blame any slow-loading websites on poor web hosting rather than a problem with their own internet connection.© Adfero Ltd