By Ben Simmons

To boost productivity by 16%, The Payroll Site is dropping support for Internet Explorer 6 on 1st June.

The online payroll specialist will benefit from simpler coding, less testing and the use of new methods that don't work in the old browser.

Rather than shedding staff, the company will use the gain to add more features to its online payroll system, used by thousands of small UK businesses.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer version 6, known as IE6, has already been dropped by many websites including Google Docs, Facebook and YouTube. The Payroll Site has kept supporting IE6 this long because some customers still use it. The remaining customers are advised to upgrade to a later version of Internet Explorer, or switch to Firefox or Safari.

"Each browser behaves slightly differently, so it is vital we test the system in all supported browsers. IE6 has more than its fair share of quirks, so it is responsible for the bulk of our browser compatibility problems." said Steven Tucker, Managing Director.

IE6 was first released as a beta version on 22 March 2001 and the full version followed on 27 August. Analysis by shows it replaced IE5 as the world's most widely used browser in July 2002 and held that position for 5 years. Microsoft is now trying to persuade people to stop using IE6.

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