The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has welcomed much of a new report on personal internet security, but warned that any legislative changes must not harm businesses.The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee called for the government to do more to educate consumers about security risks when they are online, as well as work with ISPs to increase co-operation and reduce threats.However, the CBI takes issue with the suggestion that companies should be constrained by further legislation to encourage higher security standards and a sharing of responsibility for consumer safety online."Whilst appealing on the surface, new rules such as a data security breach notification law, or increased liabilities on ISPs and software providers, need to be treated with caution," said Jeremy Beale, CBI head of e-business"Such catch-all legislation to address personal security is not guaranteed to work in the fast-evolving landscape of the internet. "It could also impose a disproportionate burden on businesses already struggling to develop effective security practices in the complex world of internet commerce," he added.The employers' body did, however, support calls for greater police resources and a centralised system for e-crimes to be reported and dealt with.© Adfero Ltd