Businesspeople take unnecessary risks when discussing financial and corporate information in public, a senior consultant at Vodafone UK has suggested. Samantha Botting says people should send emails from their mobile telephones or use text messaging to avoid being overheard in public places. Ms Botting claims that entrepreneurs discussing their affairs in public run the risk of having their ideas stolen. "A lot of people, around half, admit that they've pinched an idea that they've heard somebody talking about on the phone. They've overheard it and used it as their own idea for their own business and their own career development," she explains. According to recent research by Vodafone, almost 75 per cent of people discuss confidential business information in public, with over 40 per cent of callers referring to colleagues and clients. Vodafone is one of the world's leading mobile telecommunications companies, with 186.8 million customers and operations in 27 countries.