Thousands of wireless hotspot users are throwing money away by wasting minutes unnecessarily, a leading provider has said.According to Trustive, businesses are failing to implement effective policies on hotspot access, while many users do not consider the value for money of the wireless package they purchase."The survey shows that many end users are paying excessively on a per minute basis," said Bram Jan Streefland, managing director and co-founder of Trustive."With just over half of end users averaging a session times of 30 minutes or less, it means that about half of the time purchased is wasted and users are unnecessarily losing unused minutes."No wonder that 70 per cent of respondents believe pricing to be expensive and not offering value for money," he added.Researchers found that 45 per cent of operator revenues come from such payment plans, compared to 32 per cent from subscriptions.The report also revealed how VoIP will be the "killer application" for Wi-Fi hotspots within the next year, while it was also reported that hotspot usage is on the increase.© Adfero Ltd