By Maximilian Clarke

The Information Commissioner has urged the use of encryption following a spate of further sensitive data losses from unencrypted devices.

Businesses risk losing sensitive information, which could potentials be disastrous for smaller enterprises. But by simply encrypting devices and sensitive files, businesses can significantly reduce this risk.

“The ICO’s guidance is clear,” explains Sally Anne Poole, Acting Head of Enforcement at the Information Commissioners Office: “all personal information — the loss of which is liable to cause individuals damage and distress - must be encrypted. This is one of the most basic security measures and is not expensive to put in place - yet we continue to see incidents being reported to us. This type of breach is inexcusable and is putting people’s personal information at risk unnecessarily.”

However, businesses remain unprepared, despite some alarming statistics from the Ponemon Institute which suggest that 86% of firms have lost devices containing sensitive information including employee smartphones’ laptops and flash drives, yes under half used any for of encryption.

Separate research suggests the average cost of a data breech stands at £1.7 million
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