Recycling initiatives at businesses, including SMEs, could be giving opportunities to criminals, according to an industry expert.David Macken, the managing director of System Associates, a company which provides security services, has warned that many organisations are not thinking through the security implications of improved recycling measures.According to Mr Macken, just one visit to a typical office recycling bin could provide a hacker with all the information "for them to bypass firewalls and other security systems and get straight to the heart of confidential information".Information that potential fraudsters could obtain from recycled paper includes email addresses, internal passwords and information about suppliers. This data could be used to obtain even more confidential information and defraud the company."It can be months before an organisation actually realises it has been a victim of fraud by which time, the hacker will have covered his tracks."All businesses need to make sure they integrate their IT security systems with their recycling to make sure they are protected from attack, Mr Macken says."Vulnerable companies often forget to brief all their staff and particularly forget to brief new employees who are most likely to be supplied with new passwords and confidential information," he concluded.Recently, KPMG warned that the number of gangs carrying out fraud against UK businesses had increased in recent years. The company say that the number of organised gangs carrying out frauds doubled in the second half of 2006.© Adfero Ltd