IT system problems cause managers in British businesses to lose up to 31 working days a year trying to restore normal service, a new study has found.The Dynamic Markets study, commissioned by Partners in IT, found 80 per cent of businesses fighting with their IT systems and trying to prevent the recurrence of system downtime.Three quarters of the business managers surveyed whose primary role was not in IT said they spend 12 per cent of each week tackling system problems, equivalent to a full working month each year.The situation for managers at smaller and mid-sized companies was encouragingly better, with senior staff spending around half as much time dealing with system problems compared to their equivalents in bigger businesses."In today's busy world where time is in short supply, it is outrageous that so much of managers' valuable time is wasted due to poor IT maintenance and management," said Paul Cash, managing director of Partners in IT."Technology should be a key enabler to help managers run their businesses efficiently and effectively - it should save us time so we can focus on the core task of running our businesses. Something has gone badly wrong and has to change," he added.© Adfero Ltd