By Max Clarke

Norfolk’s £15 million investment in superfast broadband has been matched pound-for-pound by the Government’s Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK).

More than 200 local businesses that found slow internet was harming their business took part in the bid that is hoped to create 1,337 jobs and contribute some £400 million to the local economy.

“With the internet central to virtually every aspect of modern life,” said Derrick Murphy, Leader of Norfolk County Council, “our lack of broadband access has become a key concern for us. We simply could not afford to accept this, which is why we seized the opportunity for funding so firmly and backed our bid with hard cash.”

The investment is part of an £830 million scheme to roll out the high speed service across the country.

Ann Steward, Cabinet member for Economic Development, said: “Improving the broadband network in Norfolk is one of the best investments we could make in value for money terms to ensure the future economic success of our county. That's why we moved decisively to ensure substantial funds are available to deliver a broadband network that will put Norfolk in the fast lane - and help to keep us there. We have a strong team ready to deliver an exciting project which will bring a major boost to our businesses.