By Max Clarke

Mark Mason, the founder of Mubaloo — Britain’s largest SmartPhone application developer, applauded Transport for London’s (TfL) decision to supply real-time data feeds to their Developers Area.

“This is exactly what TfL should be doing, opening up their scheduling information. Following the huge success of the UK Train Times ‘app’ which is powered by National Rail Enquiries, I’m sure developers will be falling over themselves to develop ‘apps’ using this data,” said Mr Mason.

TfL’s data will be available to developers and the public via four feeds from their servers. SmartPhone application developers will be able to produce ‘apps’ that display the locations of tubes and their destinations at any time as well as real-time road and traffic information.

“The one obvious issue is that the Tube still doesn’t have internet access so these ‘apps’ will be useless as soon as you go underground,” said Mr Mason.

Boris Johnson, London Mayor, has pledged to introduce a mobile phone signal to the capital’s underground before the 2012 Olympic Games.