By Ben Simmons

Toshiba is today announcing its uMobility solution, which allows organisations to use smartphones as an extension of their phone system.

The solution extends Toshiba’s PBX telephony services to mobile users through single number reach, enabling them to be contacted on one public number through the Strata CIX platform.

“Most organisations use a range of devices for their day-to-day business,” says Daniel Fuller-Smith, Sales Manager, UK and EMEA. “However, problems can arise if they are using a smartphone but expect the functionality of a deskphone — for example, transferring a call to another member of staff. uMobility creates a seamless extension between the telephone system and smartphones, meaning users can access the same functionality in a cost effective way.”

Users no longer need to think about how they are connected, as the smartphone will manage this automatically. If the user moves out of WiFi range the call will automatically move to the GSM network and keep the call active. Calls can also be transferred from a smartphone to a desk phone without losing the call or indicating to a remote party that the line has changed, creating a fluid extension of a organisations’ existing telephone system.

The uMobility product also enables organisations to meet Financial Services Authority regulations at all times, as any call made on the system can be recorded. This brings smartphone users into compliance in the workplace and protects the company from losing authorisation or incurring penalties.

The solution, delivered in partnership with Varaha, provides Toshiba partners with a flexible and cost effective solution which can be swiftly and simply incorporated with existing communications systems or a new product bundle.

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