By Max Clarke

Hewlett-Packard this morning announced their intention to purchase the Cambridge-based Autonomy Corporation for some £7billion.

Some have lauded the decision, which received the blessing of both company’s boards of directors, whilst still others lament another vital UK tech business migrating ownership overseas.

Discussing the sale is the founder of Positive Marketing, Paul Maher:

“So hats off to Dr. Mike Lynch, who wakes up today £500m richer than yesterday,” Maher begun. “But if like some of the UK press, you are wondering whether to laugh at this local hero, or cry because we are selling the crown jewels, we can help.

“Most likely, a conformed tech entrepreneur like Mike Lynch will reinvest some of his hard-earned spoils to support fellow technologists trying to invent the next Google, Facebook or even now, as the second largest Software deal ever, Autonomy.

“But the truth is the next generation is already here. A few low-profile Britisht technology enterpreneurs who have already made cash piles from earlier Technology trade sales and Initial Public Offerings (until now, mostly from US-based companies) are already building the next generation of UK tech success - you just don't know about them yet because they are early stage and private.

“Companies like Fairsail, whose is already exporting its cloud-based HR software to China and Australia from its less than glamourous Reading base, or CloudApps a leader in sustainability software which is helping global multinationals like Veolia make their businesses consume less energy.

“If you want to put some context on the UK's new wave of software success, why not speak to the leadership teams of 'tomorrow's Autonomys'. Oh and let's all be proud of Mr. Lynch.”

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