By Ben Simmons

AppSense, the providers of virtualisation solutions, today announced record growth for the first half of its financial year 2012, July 1 to December 31, 2011.

AppSense increased orders by approximately 46 percent during this period, a result of the significant increase in large deployments and increasing presence in industries beyond the company's strong base in finance, government, healthcare and education. During this same period, AppSense expanded its global workforce by nearly 40 percent.

To accommodate this growth, the global increase in demand for user virtualisation technology and in response to growing customer and partner needs, AppSense is expanding operations into Asia-Pacific and Latin America. In the second half of its 2012 fiscal year, the company will open offices in Brazil, Hong Kong and Singapore.

In the past six months, AppSense has experienced a significant increase in the number of large deployments and multi-national customers. As a result, the company will expand its global reach by establishing offices in areas of high customer and partner demand by actively recruiting top talent with expertise in the desktop, user experience and virtualisation markets to support the Asia-Pac and Latin America offices. Serving as the hub for its Asia-Pac efforts, the Singapore office will also spearhead the company's initial entry into China and Korea and support its fast growing presence in Australia and New Zealand, where AppSense has more than 400 customers and experienced a doubling of new business orders last quarter over the same quarter of the previous year.

“Worldwide demand for user virtualisation is driving our growth and greatly expanding our global footprint,” said Darron Antill, CEO at AppSense. “Our enterprise customers require service and support offerings at the local level, and we see tremendous opportunity to positively impact businesses in these new geographies with our user virtualisation solutions.”

Nick Lowe, General Manager and VP EMEA added: “In the UK, as one of the most advanced markets, it’s becoming increasingly clear that user virtualisation is the new frontier for the desktop and this is really driving our growth. For instance, the ability to enable and manage mobile devices within the enterprise is fast becoming the biggest challenge for IT managers in the UK today and the ability to separate the user from the applications and operating system opens up a wealth of possibilities while also driving cost savings and increased productivity. We are working closely with our customers in the UK such as co-op, NATs and Vertex, to explore and solve the key issues they are facing.”

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