By Max Clarke, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN), may be preparing to launch its much touted ‘iPad Killer’ tablet as soon as this Wednesday (28th September), a technology publication has predicted.

After a string of tablets touted to rival Apple’s phenomenally popular gadget failed to take the market by storm, tech analysts have predicted the online retailing giant to be the best contender.’s retail and distribution connections, as well as its proven track record after delivering the Kindle eReader, as well as its teaming up with Google’s Android operating system, all give Amazon the potential to unsettle Apple.

Analysts also expect the Amazon Tablet to significantly undercut Apple, with some predicting a $200 dollar or less price tag.

eWeek, the popular technology website, said that Amazon are preparing a press event in New York which could well see the new tablet publically unveiled in time for the pre Christmas surge; though it acknowledges it could simply by another iteration of its Kindle devices.

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