By Daniel Hunter

Today marks ‘A’ level results day. It’s a day that fills students and parents alike with an overwhelming sense of dread and anticipation.

However, whether students got the grades they were hoping for or not, a career in IT could be their key to success in the ever evolving digital age according to Technojobs who have 20,000 live IT jobs on their website.

Tech city UK states that there are fewer than 2 applications for every graduate tech vacancy. Compare this to the UK average number of applicants to graduate positions of 35, and it is clear there is massive supply-demand imbalance.

IT Graduate vacancies have risen over 50% in the last five years. As these numbers suggest, Computer Science and IT graduates are in significant demand. There will still be many courses available to students via clearing post A Level results.

Anthony Sherick, Director of Technojobs said “Unfortunately the role of the education sector and student careers service is often uneducated regarding technology opportunities, yet today, whatever the results, should be a breeding ground for the next tech entrepreneurs”.