By Claire West

It has to be the most revolutionary solution for smokers today. The electronic cigarette, which is essentially a water vapour filled with either low, medium or high levels of nicotine, has become all the rage. Good for the health and good for the pocket, as the wave continues, distributors too are jumping on the band wagon to spread the good word.

Designed for people who want to smoke without actually smoking, the e cigarette was designed for all those living the dilemma of wanting to give up yet finding it intensely difficult to do so. It’s an understandable predicament that thousands and even millions of smokers are facing once they’ve chosen to kick the habit.

The odourless vapour means clothes and hair no longer smell of cigarette smoke and the fact that the electric cigarette can be inhaled in bars, pubs and restaurants, makes it even more appealing.

The idea, which has been designed and nurtured by NUCIG, saves ex-smokers up to £1,100 per year. Saving money and saving health, each replica is also devoid of the 4000 chemicals that fill traditional cigarettes.

With the rising popularity of the e-cigarette making it a global phenomena, the company has now set up an affiliate program. The unique program allows individuals an opportunity to earn a solid income. Each affiliate will be given a unique URL, which will automatically track generated sales.

NUCIG also provides all affiliates with banner ads and text links for easy access to the NUCIG site. By promoting the NUCIG Advanced-Pro Series, affiliates can earn a healthy 10 percent commission on all sales made via their own web pages.

A simple and sophisticated approach to generating sales and tracing user activity, once a user clicks on one of the links that connect to the NUCIG website, their activity will be tracked by the company’s affiliate software. As a result, with real-time statistics and easy view reporting, it’s possible to log in 24 hours a day to check sales, traffic, account balance and to see how the banner ads are performing.

An excellent opportunity, the NUCIG affiliate program has already proven to be an innovative way of spreading the word so that more and more people will change their lives and make an easy switch that will help them become ex-smokers overnight.

Pamela Sohail, NUCIG marketing director said, �We help our affiliates every step of the way and have devised a useful trade reseller pack to get new partners up and running in no time at all. The Trade Reseller pack includes all of the e-cig kits we supply along with promotional material such as leaflets, posters and stickers.

About NUCIG (Electronic Smoking Shop): NUCIG (Electronic Smoking Shop) is a global brand name and is a UK based company which specialises in the very latest generation Electronic Cigarette product and accessories. We believe the NUCIG brand provides the ultimate smoking experience – using the latest generation components, quality and attention to detail is of paramount importance and as such makes the NUCIG Advanced Pro Series very desirable. For more information, please visit You can also follow the firm on Twitter: