By Max Clarke

Dave McLauchlan, the boss behind Microsoft’s digital media brand, Zune, has publically announced his resignation.

“So, I have some news to share. Last week I offered my resignation to MSFT, and my last day is Fri. I'm going to do a startup called Buddy”, wrote @DaveMacMS on his twitter account.

Recently Microsoft had been focusing less on Zune hardware, focusing instead on the Zune software for its growing lines of Windows phones. Speaking to technology blog, BGR, Microsoft expert, Paul Thurott whote:

What I’ve been saying is that the Zune brand is disappearing. The stuff that is currently part of Zune, in the public’s eye at least–the Zune PC software, the Windows Phone player and management software, the Zune Marketplace, and Zune Pass–will all continue going forward. But these things will no longer bear the Zune brand.

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