By Daniel Hunter

Following the November announcement by Nick Clegg, the government today (Monday) launched the Youth Contract scheme.

With youth unemployment a growing problem in the UK the government pledged, in November, £1 billion to tackling the youth unemployment crisis.

“For too many businesses, economic uncertainty has made it tough to hire more young people over recent months. Companies are concerned that many lack basic skills or past work experience. That translates into higher training costs and greater risks for employers," John Longworth, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), said.

“The Youth Contract will significantly reduce those risks, and give employers more confidence to invest in young people. We are pleased that the government has listened to our concerns about administration and about the need for up-front payments, particularly for smaller businesses that are keen on taking up the scheme but worried about delays.

“Business isn’t just good for Britain, it’s good for young people, too. Companies are ready to play their part to support the next generation into work, since younger workers are vital to future business success.

“Chambers of Commerce up and down the country will be promoting the placements, apprenticeships and job subsidies available under the Youth Contract, and will help more young people take their first step into the world of work. Assuming the Youth Contract proves successful and popular with our employers, we will continue to push for it to be extended even further.”

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