By Daniel Hunter

Rakuten, the e-commerce marketplace, has today (Wednesday) released industry-wide research into the customer services preferences of UK shoppers.

This independent survey of 1,000 UK consumers revealed that whilst the majority of UK shoppers seek customer service support by email (49%) or phone (43%), younger shoppers are highly likely to turn to social channels when these touch points fail, with 46% of under 25s and 33% of 25-33 year olds using social to air their grievances more publically.

This independent research also revealed that each generation has a different set of gripes with customer service delivery; over a third (37%) of 18-24 year olds were frustrated when they felt their customer service representative lacked the knowledge or expertise to answer their query.

For 25-34 year olds speed of response was the biggest grievance with 33% feeling help through their preferred channel was too slow, meanwhile for the over 45’s the local language fluency of representatives was the greatest concern.

Aside from customer service, when it came to building repeat custom online, independent research revealed that loyalty programs were the biggest incentive to make a second purchase online, according to 39% of shoppers surveyed.

The second most important factor was after sales support, which got the vote of 20% of those surveyed and was particularly important to over 55s, who were the only age group to rank this higher than offers and rewards. Meanwhile the younger generation are most susceptible to the personal touch, with 24% stating that personalised offers were most likely to encourage another sale.

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