By Jonathan Davies

Customer satisfaction in the UK is at a five-year low, driven by young men and women who complain more than older people, according to the Institute of Customer Service.

The Institute said that young people are more likely to complain about businesses on social media. It said younger customers expect "dialogue, not monologue" as technology continually improves.

A study of 200 companies showed that John Lewis came out on top for customer satisfaction.

Amazon and bank First Direct were joint second, having been first and fourth respectively last year.

But the bi-annual study showed that customer satisfaction overall fell to a five-year low. Customers said 'speed and responsiveness', 'complaints handling' and 'staff behaviour' had deteriorated in the last two years. The punctuality of deliveries improved, however.

"Businesses need to take a look at the experience they are delivering to customers and identify how it can be improved," said Jo Causon, chief executive of the Institute.

"Customers expect a dialogue with organisations rather than monologue, and they are using a mixture of new and existing channels to engage. They demand transparency, are increasingly service-savvy and focus on ethics and sustainability."

People in the South East of England were the least satisfied customers. Consumers in Wales were the most satisfied.

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