By Phil Jones, Managing Director at Brother UK

Do you want to stand out in your organisation, be known for your creativity and innovation while helping to drive success?

You might be an aspiring intrapreneur.

But what is an intrapreneur, and how can you become one?

The term intrapreneur is not new. One of the first people to use it was the late Steve Jobs, who described his early Apple team of the 1980s as intrapreneurs.

By that he meant employees with the passion, dedication, initiative and ambition to create the best future for the business that they could.

These employees took as much satisfaction from seeing the business succeed as if they were an entrepreneur working at their own enterprise.

Indeed, intrapreneurs display many of the characteristics of entrepreneurs, working within the structure of an organisation to further its goals, taking risks, advancing good ideas quickly and getting them to market as minimum viable products. Turning ideas into invoices.

An intrapreneur is excited by innovation and creativity, and motivated to transform an idea into a profitable venture. They are valuable assets in this age of change and pace.

If you think you have what it takes, start submitting your thoughts and ideas, either through formal ideas schemes or catch-ups with people across the business over a coffee. Garner support from stakeholders, and join working groups or panels that may come up.

Put your ideas forward on internal social networks or drop a senior executive a note with an idea. Create relationships and strengthen your internal network to understand what the unmet pain points of the business might be, work on those issues as they will be front of mind with senior people.

Many businesses and leaders know the power of utilising their employed community to move forward, generate ideas and improve the organisation through new innovations in process, product or service delivery. The power of ideas, the power of conversations and the power of a good idea implemented can significantly contribute to its future success.