By Jonathan Davies

People will now be able to send and receive mobile payments using just a Twitter handle, Barclays has revealed.

People and small businesses will be able to add their Twitter handle to Barclays' Pingit payment app. Launched by the bank in 2012, Pingit allows users to send and receive money using just a mobile number, without needing to exchange bank accounts or sort codes.

Users will be able to make payments using Twitter handles from 10 March.

Pingit can be used by non-Barclays customers and the bank says the same will apply to the new Twitter handle service. Barclays estimates that around 13.5 million people who use Twitter in the UK could use the app. It also said around 57,000 small businesses also currently use the app.

So far, Pingit has been downloaded more than 3.7 million times and more than £1bn has been transferred using the app.

Darren Foulds, director of Barclays mobile banking and Pingit, said: "Adding the ability to pay people or a small business using just a Twitter handle brings together a social and digital experience to create a new step forward for mobile payments in the UK."

Users will not be able to send more than £1,500 to one person per day.