By Claire West

Long hours, too much work and unhappy customers have been named as some of the things that stress us out at work.

The survey by, asked a focus group to name the things that stressed them out the most in a working environment.

Having to work long hours was highlighted as one major cause of stress, with many admitting they would often leave work feeling unmotivated and overworked after a long day.

Respondents’ also admitted that having to work for longer hours than they were contracted, without receiving additional pay was particularly frustrating.

Unhappy clients also proved stressful for respondents with many saying if the customer wasn’t happy it created pressure, making them feel more worried.

Work overload also made the list, with many saying they felt strained when they didn’t have time to complete all the tasks on over flowing to-do lists.

Many said they subsequently went into work early, left late or worked in the evening from home to complete the tasks.

Poor relationships with colleagues was also labelled as a cause of office stress by respondents, with some admitting they dreaded work because of the awkward dynamics.

Tight deadlines, technology woes and poor office conditions including bad lighting or small desks also made it into the top seven causes of office stress.

One person said: “I have to admit that the thing that stresses me out the most about work is when I’m working really long hours.

“It’s hard to stay productive and focused when you have to work for long spurts of time so it’s definitely the thing I stress about most. Sometimes the longer I work for, the more unproductive I feel.”

Another one commented: “Unhappy customers are the things I get most stressed out about at work. Sometimes you can be working really hard for a customer but they’re not happy and it’s even more frustrating because you’ve genuinely tried.”

A final person said: “The most stressful thing about work is when the internet goes down. It’s always such a nightmare and you can’t do much for the rest of the day. It’s weird that we now rely on technology so much but without it, my job wouldn’t exist.”

A spokesperson for said “There are a lot of things that can stress us out at work on a daily basis but it’s important we voice our concerns and overcome them.

“Work is a really important part of life for many people so it’s key that people feel happy and comfortable in their workplace otherwise it can really consume them.”