Employees, including those working for SMEs, are having to take their annual holiday allocation to wait at home for deliveries and tradespeople, a new study has shown.Data published by home insurer Churchill found that over a third (35 per cent) of employees said that they had had to take paid holiday to wait for deliveries or repairmen in recent months.The insurer calculates that this equates to 13.5 million days taken off work to wait at home every year, costing workers £1.1 billion worth of annual leave.More worryingly for employers, three per cent of people admitted to taking a 'sickie' to wait for a delivery or oversee repair work. This means that businesses are losing £103 million every year while their workers wait at home.Nearly eight in ten (78 per cent) of people said that they decided to stay home so they could monitor the work that the tradesman was doing."Our research clearly shows there is a hidden cost to householders when having repairs undertaken or receiving deliveries which few of us consider," warned Martin Scott, head of Churchill Home Insurance.Recently, other research revealed that UK employers, including many SMEs, lose 27 million days of work because their employees are too hungover to come into work.© Adfero Ltd